Friday, 14 August 2015

How far will it go?

The homosexual social/political agenda is one aspect of the broader cultural and spiritual assault which has assailed and steadily destroyed Britain since the 1960s.

The homosexual agenda really began to take off when Tony Blair came to power in 1997, with Blair's promise to Ian McKellen that the Government would do whatever Stonewall wanted.

Since 1997, Blair and then 'Heir to Blair' David Cameron have indeed bent over backwards and done whatever their gayboy masters have told them to do.

Following the recent legal redefinition of marriage (which is actually, in truth, the legal abolition of authentic marriage) in order to accommodate perverts, how much further will the homosexual agenda go?  How much worse can it get?

We can certainly expect the growth of tyranny as everybody is forced to conform to and even worship the homosexual rebellion against God.

The homosexual agenda is the State orthodoxy which increasingly will be imposed in the workplace, the classroom and even our homes.

And they have ways of making you do what they want, you know.  The Gaystapo are with us already.

There is already a long roll of honour of British people, mainly Christians, who have been sacked, silenced, criminalised, imprisoned, ridiculed or had their kids stolen from them by social workers, police officers, council officials and others.  Sadly this band of martyrs can only grow.

And politicians will continue to compete to outdo each other in pleasing the ruling gayboys.  I can hear them in the lobby...

"We brought in civil partnerships."

"Huh, that's nothing.  We gave the Exalted Ones marriage itself."

"Well, we brought in a compulsory act of corporate gay hugs in schools."

"We appointed the first transgender lesbian Archbishop of Canterbury."

"We renamed England Homoland."

"We renamed Sunday Homoday."

"We made Sir Ian's birthday a national holiday."

"We abolished the age of consent and decriminalised inter-generational love."

"We made inter-generational love compulsory for all boys over the age of ten."

"We set up the statue of the Great Golden Phallus - peace be upon it - in Parliament Square."

Hell is where we're headed if the gayboys aren't stopped.  Britain will be irrevocably destroyed if we persist much longer in the rebellion against God.

Within my lifetime (and I'm not that old yet), just a few years ago, if you'd told people then that just a few years hence, gayboys and gaygirls would be able [in law] to 'get married', they'd have been utterly appalled and thought you insane.

So if you think there isn't much worse to come you are badly mistaken.  The Church of England must bow the knee; gayboys must be allowed to have 'church weddings'.  Every child must be taught that homosexual behaviour is normal and good.  Anybody speaking or acting against the homosexual orthodoxy must be silenced and suppressed.  Everybody must conform to the will of the gayboys.

I for one won't be going along with the gayboys.  Never.  And I know there'll be a few others.  Join us.  The gayboy tyranny only succeeds if we let it.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Guilty Secrets

Don't tell the missus, the police or the DVLA.  Journalists sometimes need a Batmobile.  Strictly hush hush this.